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unigroup (holdings) Ltd. is a privately held limited liability company, with registered offices in Willemstad, Curacao. The company has been originally organized in the Isle of Man in 1982, when several existing activities and corporate entities were consolidated into one group. The main interests of the group are organized in a number of divisions. Each division concentrates on an industrial sector, or a group of tasks, which require common abilities, similar organizational structures or which has in some other aspect a congruence of requirements.


The management of the company has a fundamental believe in the growing globalization of economic activities.Hence all its staff is multi lingual and has had working experience in multiple countries. It is the management's corporate philosophy that only ongoing operational exposure will maintain the necessary closeness of the company's managers to the market place which today's global exposure requires. As a consequence, management has a strong commitment to keep a minimal corporate staff and almost everyone is directly involved with the company's customers . Thus, apart from devoting some effort to managing corporate tasks, all staff members remain directly and continuously involved in operational activities.

The unigroup companies mission, in summary, is:

  • To strive for total customer satisfaction by giving clients the best possible advise and the highest quality of products;

  • To offer clients a range of global cultural abilities and with the help of multi disciplinary teams to provide solutions which results in a genuine and noticeable improvement in the way a client conducts his business affairs;

  • To treat each client as an individual with unique requirements, calling for individualized solutions;

  • To continuously create innovative new products and services which address the growing global business information requirements;

  • To attract some of the brightest and most capable people and to channel and stimulate their creative capacities in a direction that benefits both our clients and the people working for our company.

    A Word from the Management

    Our company has grown by leaps and bounds, during the last few years and not even the current economic downturn has slowed this growth much.

    The major growth areas were Brazil, Canada and China, which all started as small entrepreneurial investments, almost 36 years ago. Today, our companies are strong players in these markets and we have a major presence in the countries. We have always been cautious in combining growth with continued low leverage. This has paid off, and we will be looking forward to continued growth.

    Much of our strength comes from the excellent people we employ. We continue to invest in our local and international employees and executives and try to keep, in every country, a mix that ensures, we can reach our goals.

    We continue to maintain our long term goals and try not to be sidetracked by the risks and the significant economic fluctuations that occur today. Our aims remain to be environmentally friendly, and to deliver value for money to the customer, while at the same time, watching our risks and maintaining high profitability.

    This coming year, we will accept six new ships that have already been booked for long term charters. Similarly, the 27 large aircraft which we will receive, have been placed on long term charters with airlines. We have also converted options for another 25 aircraft to be delivered during 2016 to 2020.

    Despite the general economic difficulties, our commercial real estate projects in Canada, Uruguay, Brazil and Argentina are being completed on time and have all been leased to clients long before they have been finished.

    We look forward to a year of healthy and continued growth.

    Willemstad, Curacao, January 31, 2019

    Chairman and CEO


The following companies are 100% owned:

  • TRIG INTERNATIONAL LTD. (click here) a Curacao based Technology and Industrial Investment Group with main offices in Singapore and Hongkong. The company has operating units with activities in Aircraft Leasing, Airline Consulting, Agriculture, Ocean Shipping, Heavy Engineering, Systems Design for Environmental, Automotive, Aeronautical and Precision Engineering in Russia, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Ukraine, France and South Africa. The company also holds minority stakes in hotel and real estate groups. The largest members of the group by revenue are

    • TRIG Marine Ltd. is our Bermuda based shipping company. We currently operate 31 large container ships, 16 tankers, and 19 bulk carriers. While we manage these ships, they are all under charters to other lines.

    • TRIG Aviation Ltd.The company owns 112 passenger and freight aircraft (Airbus, Boeing Embraer and Canadair) with an average age of 4.5 years, chartered to a variety of airlines in Asia and Europe.

    • TRIG Cheng Huen Heavy Engineering Ltd a company manufacturing and building water and waster water treatment plants, irrigation systems. coal dewatering plants and ancillary equipment in Harbin, PRC

  • Bascar Imóveis e Participações Ltda. is our Holding Company in Brazil, based in Sao Paulo. The company manages all our Brazilian investments ranging from real estate to aeronautical and environmental engineering. This company had, during the last few years, our fastest growth rate. The major members of the group by revenue are

    • Grupo OK Empreendimentos Imobilia¡rios Ltda. is our main real estate development vehicle with investments in Shopping Malls across the country, Airport development and hotel and resort ownership.

    • IMOLA Incorporações Ltda. is our agriculture investment company with land ownership in Brazil (more than 12,000 sqkm in Goiana, Mato Grosso, Amazonia and Bahia), Argentina (5,200 sqkm plus two wineries), and Chile (200 sqkm plus two wineries). The company also operates abattoirs, tanneries, meat packers, charcuterie production and cattle breeding facilities both in Brazil and Argentina.

    • Vaneng Aeronautica Ltda. operates air taxies and 31 FBO airports and air terminal sites on locations throughout Brazil, Argentina, Chile, and Peru. It currently operates a fleet of 82 Challenger, Embraer, and Lear jets, besides 57 Robinson helicopters in the Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro area as well as in Spain and Portugal.


  • unigroup systems (europe) ltd., is based in Ireland with activities, employees, partners and associates in Canada, Hongkong, France, Senegal, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Germany, Holland and India. The company contains

    • unigroup machines and tools ltd., an organization specializing in helping industrial and service companies, as well as governmental authorities around the world to acquire equipment, tools and services.

    • The InterConsultGroup which is made up of multi-lingual, (English, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish) multi cultural and multi- disciplinary teams of specialists being able to offer consultancy and training services in management ranging from company turnarounds, locations for new manufacturing plants, to economic consultancy for developing countries.

    • ipg - InterPublishGroup,is a company concerned with operating specialist INTERNETSites and data bases.


  • ATROP INTERNATIONAL FINANCE Ltd. is a Cayman Island based hedgefund and investment company that specializes in real estate investment worldwide and minority holdings in industrial investments across the world.

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